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Empower your clinicians for efficient documentation

Software Features

Advanced Patient Metrics
Identifying factors that impact patient length of stay using metrics for your home health and pediatric patients with advanced data analysis
Intuitive Order Management
Order Management integrates seamlessly to your referral sources' internal processes, making it easier for them to work with your agency
Comprehensive Assessment
Our OASIS is a comprehensive assessment incorporating CMS MO items, their validations and non-OASIS clinical assessment elements
Clinician's time capture
Provided to capture data in acute-care era record, then serve up capture amount of time to complete risk assessments at point of care
Claim Filling
Filling itemized bill from your agencies to your respective payors. We Submit Institutional Managed Care (Medicare, Insurances) and Professional claims to more that 2500 payors.
Client invoicing
When services are non-covered, providers often will bill other third-party payors directly as well. Any uncovered costs are later billed to the client
EFT Payment Notification
Payments deposited electronically into the provider’s bank account . TynetOnline sends daily email alerts and post the payments.
Patient Visit Verification
Is the means of electronically verifying that a caregiver is physically at a specific patient’s home or location

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The Testimonials Request Info

ABIK Healthcare Services,

Baltimore Maryland

K: Administrator

Everything about the product is dependable, reliable, friendly and very efficiently designed. The software company is very responsive.
Our company file claims to several Insurances seamlessly in the Maryland, Baltimore Area. .
The Only problem I had with the product is the learning curve, coming from a different software, otherwise. I have been very happy here in Maryland with Tynet and their software. Their Office is very prompt to response to calls regarding technical issues. .
I recommend Tynet software to anyone looking for a good and reliable software for their Agency. Please Contact them and they will extend their good friendly customer relations

Apex Homecare Inc

Grand Prairie, Texas

M: Administrator

There are many vendors pushing substandard software all day long, promising you yogurt and honey, but deliver you spoiled milk and corn syrup!. Tynet Online is extremely fast, 100% online with almost no downtime ever. I would greatly recommend it to any agency looking to take their business to the next level.
I have used it for several years. I have nothing to complain about. The software handles efficiently my medicare, insurances and medicaid billings.
Fully satisfied
Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Great and affordable monthly subscription. We are one happy camper with this company!.

Best Companion Inc

Bayshore NewYork

P: Administrator

Easy-to-understand interface. Online access from any computer or mobile device. Excellent customer service
Nothing, so far, Their upgrades get some time on my part to get used to, otherwise Everything comes out as promised.
We are glad we chose Tynet Online software, and we are very happy to recommend this software to anyone without hesitation.

National Home Health

Saginaw Michigan

R: Administrator

User friendly, good and friendly technical support. Updates are done according to CMS guidlines. I feel safe knowing that my patients and staff are in good hands with up to date information. .
nothing on my end. I am fully satisfied with the product and the company. That is why I have been with them for quite a while. .
Know who you are signing up with check with their IT department to see what kind of service you can expect. I know exactly what to expect with TYNET everytime

Heavenly Host

Mesquite, Texas

V: Administrator

Updates are timely and in compliance. Our clinicians are satisfied with the product.
nothing that i can think of now. The logic is rock solid and delivers all the time
I recommend tynet online to any agency out there looking for a management software for their Home health agency

Nurses Of America

New Mexico

A: Administrator

it easy to follow and works well for us. Clinical wise the notes are easy to populate and have an easy to follow method.
The updates take some time to adjust to, but they are willing to walk you through every update or change. They also provide a video on their page for any update that the software may have. They also call in advance to intimate us about changes coming up.
Tynet Online has greatly impacted our ability to provide care for our patients. We have gone paperless and therefore recommend them to any agency.

Empower your clinicians for efficient documentation